SPITTING OFF TALL BUILDINGS - that's four words for five people who together are one - a band. One that can't stand sitting around, that is. They wanna go out and play! From their first shows one could sense that relentless drive the rest, well, that had to grow - writing songs, giving it their all, even in front of empty moshpits, forging themselves into a unit and all that.. And hell they did it! Everything they learned on that road they bundled into a beautifully intense and rousing package: their self-titled debut album was recorded under the premise "it doesn't have to be perfect, but sound and feel ALIVE!" And it was, between the roar and riot, the stories, hooks and melodies, is a whole family sized value-pack of blood, sweat and tears. Soon the pack emerged into a well-known structure, playing live wherever, whenever possible. From the tiniest squat house venue up to supporting of Rammstein (we are not kidding!) and tasting the big summer festival stages. Fronted by actrice extraordinnaire Jana Pallaske, known throught the Germanies for way more than just her celebrity status but for an honest and straight approach to underground music and D.I.Y. attitude, they took the long way up. And exactly this you can hear in their tunes: influences might be Hüsker Dü, Pixies, Black Flag, Fugazi, Mclusky, (who happen to be responsible for the occasional two bass players), or Sonic Youth for that matter. This all is wrapped up in a soft Fajita, driven by an all-consuming hunger for hooklines and Pop-harmonies. They definitely learned their Wave-lessons. Their new album, which you are holding in your hands here, was recorded by the mighty master STEVE ALBINI in his Electrical Audio Studio in Chicago and blesses the listener with everything he might need to warm a broken heart. You are not alone!